The largest tele-assistance and tele-health project in the world.

The 10 Thousand Lives Project represents a paradigm shift and intends to be a starting point for a  new elderly care model, that complements the current care structures with technology.


It will enable more care to more elderly, act preventively and with reduced costs, helping them to live longer, healthier and happier.


We will create the conditions to, in a first phase, support 10 thousand elderly, combining the human care with the most advanced tele-assistance and tele-health technology.


Technology enables us to support more elderly and 24h a day.

In addition to being very useful in emergency situations, technology makes it possible to increase the support provided to elderly, improving the customer service and making it more efficient.


SOS button for a

urgent need


GPS usage and alerts for when you leave a defined zone


Make  measurements of the indicators and control eventual abnormal changes


Agenda management and control of the medication taking

A service that brings close together carers to the elderly.

The assistance service is remotely configured and managed in an online platform, enabling a personalized accompaniment to each elder person. It is possible, for example, to program alarms for each elder person, control health indicators and act in case of an anomaly and even know the exact whereabouts of a person.


Families also have a custom platform where they can closely monitor their relative.

A project of cross-sectional society support.

It will be implemented in partnership with Municipalities that subscribe to the project, also involving Private Social Solidarity Institutions, familiar health units and other local entities involved in social care.


This is not about an experimental project, we're trying to create sufficient critical mass to implement an elderly care model in Portugal with proven results in the majority of  Western European countries.

National Care and Monitoring Center (CNMA)

The National Care and Monitoring Center is located in the Lousã council and supports the

organisms and institutions that, in all the country, provide local support to the elderly.


It has a support Call Center and will provide the technological means to the implementantion and operation of the project.


It enables having the minimum necessary scale to implement the services in a professional way

and following the highest standards.

What will we know about the success of the project?

Throughout the project implementation in the various municipalities, it will be possible to  track service indicators, demographic, health and the local and national  impact. One of the major advantages of these indicators is knowing what is the project impact in the local health service management and in the  increase in the average life expectancy in nursing homes.








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